Fall Cooking is COZY!
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Fall Cooking is COZY
Course Table of Contents:
Cozy Fall Flavors
  • Lesson #1: Every Pumpkin Dish Starts Here
  • Lesson #2: Pumpkin Tarts Means Fall Food Starts
  • Lesson #3: Cheesy Gooey Squash Gratin
  • Lesson #4: Butternut Squash Ravioli For Great Fall Pasta
  •  Lesson #5: Apple Squash Soup Warms From The Inside
  • Lesson #6: Ravioli Dough From Culinary School
  • Lesson #7: Squash Lasagna Has No Pasta At All​
  • ​Lesson #8: Squash Slaw Has No Mayo At All
  • Lesson #9: Squash Dumplings For A New Season
Cozy Fall Soups and Dark Gravies
  • Lesson #1: Flavorful Liquids Change All Your Cooking
  • Lesson #2: Dark Roux Makes Darker Gravies
  • Lesson #3: Endless Soup Ideas From Culinary School
  • Lesson #4: Use Hummus To Thicken Gluten Free Sauces
  •  Lesson #5: Creamy and Rich Chicken Peanut Coconut Saté
  • Lesson #6: Beurre Blanc Sauce Needs More Respect
Hearty Fall Grains
  • Lesson #1: Two Ways For Making Brown Rice
  • Lesson #2: Nutty Brown Rice Fajita Salad
  • Lesson #3: Making Quinoa Is Easier Than You Think
  • Lesson #4: This Quinoa Breakfast Will Jump Start Your Day
  •  Lesson #5: Quinoa Powerhouse Salad For Instant Energy
  • Lesson #6: Parmesan Risotto Is Worth Your Patience
  • Lesson #7: Parmesan Risotto Cake Leftovers Might Be Better
Fall Food Fun
  • Lesson #1: The Best Chili For The Big Game
  • Lesson #2: Try Beer Shrimp Scampi Instead Of Grilling
  • Lesson #3: The Polish Festival For Worldly Fall Food
  • Lesson #4: Pierogies Are Polish Potato Ravioli
Cozy Fall Cooking Inspirations
  • Lesson #1: Braised Brandy Bavette Steak
  • Lesson #2: Southern Pecan Crusted Chicken
  • Lesson #3: Veal Rochester With Sherry and Cream
  • Lesson #4: Lamb Chops With Dark Gravy
  • Lesson #5: Ropa Vieja Steak
  • Lesson #6: Chicken Cordon Bleu
  • Lesson #7: Chicken Without Cream of Mushroom Soup
  • Lesson #8: Creamed Spinach Without Boil In Bag
  • ​​Lesson #9: Veal Sauerbraten/Stroganoff
What You're Getting:

Fall Cooking is COZY

  • Digital Course Includes: 35 Lesson Videos (in 5 Sections) on all things "Fall Cooking" - so you never run out of ideas or the methods for creating them! (see full course curriculum below Step #2)
  • Bonus: "Squash" Guide
    Tips on selecting and using 10 different types of fall squash.
  • Bonus: "Knife Skills" Primer
    A tutorial on selecting the correct knife and using it in the right way to ensure accuracy and safety.
  • Bonus: "Fall Cooking" Pantry Guide
    A guide that outlines the right oils, spices, vinegars and condiments to have on-hand so you can take full advantage of fall cozy cooking inspirations.
  • Bonus: "Essential Pots and Pans" Reference Sheet
    Use this reference sheet to stock your kitchen and know at a glance which equipment and tools to use for each task.
  • Bonus: "Temperature Progression" Chart
    Use this chart to identify the 4 effects of heat on food so you can observe the changes and make adjustments as you go.
  • 30 Day "You Keep All the Bonuses" Full Money-Back Guarantee!
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